Personal Wealth Management

There are about 1 in 4 people in the world today who is a Muslim. In S'pore there are about 500,000 Muslims. They are now affluent and are better educated. Many Muslims in S'pore own property (at least HDB), CPF, insurance, savings and many other financial products.

Currently, majority of Muslims

  • don't know what financial products that they have purchased.
  • don't see the link of one financial product to other financial products and assets.
  • don't know what is the impact on matters pertaining to estate issues like
    • what are to be claimed upon death
    • what is the Faraidh breakdown
    • what are the liabilities to be settled before distribution of the estate
    • how their estate is to be processed for distribution to the legal heirs
    Such an unawareness normally ends up in family conflicts and hardship on the part of loved ones.
  • don't know the impact of Zakat on all their assets, especially financial assets like savings, investments, etc.
  • don't know how much is required for retirement fund, education fund, marriage fund, home financing status, etc.
  • are very dependent on others like
    • MUIS or mosque for Zakat computation.
    • MUIS or Shariah Court or religious teacher on Estate issues.
    • Financial agent on insurance or investment.
  • believe they need to be in control of their wealth and be able to manage it themselves based on the Shariah.

Many (90%) of the above issues can be resolved by the system that we have developed, the PWMM (Personal Wealth Management for Muslims). This is the first system in the world to provide integrated personal financial services to the Muslim. This allows the client to have full knowledge and understanding of their personal financial wealth status instantly. The current system is designed for the Singapore market. We provide services to analyses of client wealth based on Shariah at a nominal cost.

The PWMM system will offer

  • Compilation of client's family structure
  • Client's case history file
  • Important client's financial assets
  • Quick analysis of the client's current wealth management status in
    • Zakat Planning,
    • Faraidh Distribution of Estate,
    • Insurance Planning
    • Wealth Accumulation Planning
  • Projected client's wealth status in
    • Children's education needs
    • Retirement needs.